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Urba App Driver takes you wherever you need to be! We are a private transportation company with an online platform where riders all over California can connect with professional and certified drivers to reach their destination quickly, safely, and comfortably. Urba App Driver has five years of experience moving hundreds of customers around the city!

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After ten trips with us, receive a discount on the following two trips within the same city.

Your Security Is Always Our Priority

Our customers' safety is the foundation of our philosophy. We care about each of our riders and are committed to keeping you safe at every turn. Urba App Driver takes multiple safety measures to ensure a shielded community. When requesting a ride, the platform will reflect a picture of your assigned driver for easy recognition during pick-up. It will also allow you to choose from a list of available vehicles and give you the option to allow or deny access to your background location, a more private view.

Our Services

Private Transportation

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Private Taxi

You can say goodbye to taking the bus, walking miles, or depending...

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Airport Transportation

The journey starts from the ride to the airport! Urba App Driver is available...

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Transportation to Different Cities

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Need A Ride To The Airport?

Get weight off your shoulders with our airport transportation services during the traveling season! We are available 24/7 to drive you to or from the airport. Our drivers will ensure you will get to your destination on time to start your trip right away without unnecessary stress. Urba will pick you up at your designated location in a Van, where you and your suitcases will fit comfortably.

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We Are Licensed and Insured

Easy And Fast Payments

Using the Urba App Driver is simple, but paying for your ride is even easier! When requesting a ride through our app, it will reflect the exact fare. We are committed to price transparency and won't charge you more than the actual cost. You will be given the option to pay with any credit or debit card, our only available payment method. And, 90% of the payment goes to the driver for each trip he makes

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A Comfortable Selection Of Vehicles

Urba App Driver is your best choice for a comfortable trip in which you can relax and enjoy the view, being confident that you will arrive at your destination on time! We have a high-end transportation fleet that continuously receives the proper maintenance. We count on ten 4-door vehicles models as sedans and vans from various brands such as:

Mercedez Benz
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A Comfortable Selection Of Vehicles

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  • 5 Years of Experience
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  • We Are Licensed and Insured
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