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Mission, Vision, & Values of Urba App Driver.

Say goodbye to long waits, outrageous prices, and insecurity when paying for your trips. Urba Driver changed all of that with the revolutionary click-of-a-button service, which allows you to move around in style without breaking the bank. By offering a fair commission rate for drivers while maintaining high customer satisfaction rates, we have managed to revamp this industry entirely – creating a better world where everyone is happy!

All those were common problems, but with the technological boom, all those issues were solved thanks to the idea of a single man, an American that is Max Horizon.

We Work to Improve Mobility in the World and High Prices.

CEO and founder of the United States: Max Horizon With every problem, there is always a solution waiting.

In 2020, the birth of Urba Driver transpired when sudden misfortune struck an unsuspecting Max Horizon on a cold and rainy day in Monterey, California. After experiencing a terrible accident while driving for (x) the company, Horizon was abandoned by them without support or job security; they even blocked his driver's account with no remorse.

As time went on, Max Horizon's challenge of finding employment grew more and more daunting. Unable to get even a simple job one day, he bravely decided to found Urba Driver--launching what was soon destined for success as an innovative solution in transportation technology.

Max Horizon had a vision for the future of transportation. With their ambition and drive, they founded Urba Driver in 2021 under the name of Urba App Driver LLC. This mobile software application, composed by Sergio, Cesar, and Jonathan, managed to revolutionize high transport prices with its groundbreaking first version, which has been dubbed a prototype or beta version.

Urba Driver and its consolidation

Urba Driver has revolutionized transportation in Los Angeles with their Standard cars app, making door-to-door service accessible at a slightly higher cost. This innovative technology provides an efficient and convenient alternative for locals to get around the city quickly and safely.

Urba Driver provides an inexpensive and convenient way to get around Los Angeles, California. In fact, you can now receive a ride for prices lower than $7.25! Trusted by thousands of passengers since its establishment in the United States, Urba offers Standard; Premium; Diamond cars, and Deluxe, pets – along with accessibility rides should you require one – at discounted rates up to 10 dollars less than their competitors.

Urba App Driver LLC was created to revolutionize the transportation industry, putting safety and fair wages first. We offer drivers up to 80% of each trip fare plus tips and benefits for (x) trips, ensuring they receive what is rightfully theirs. In addition, passengers can trust that their travel will be safe while still avoiding excessive charges from large companies. Join us in creating a new era where quality services are both obtainable an affordable!

Founded in 2020 and based in Monterey, California, USA.

CEO and Founder: Max Horizon
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